Burnout While Wanting to Promote- I Will Get Back to the Comic Strip Later

After a few weeks of dealing with burnout and organizing the studio, I am hoping to get back into creation mode. Its’s sometimes a struggle to force myself to make something. It’s tough to keep going sometimes. I swear I want to get back to the comic strips, as I know the fans that follow this page probably prefer that type of post. However, I have so many projects started, I feel I need to get one or two done first.

I did finish writing my first novel, but few sales are discouraging. I’m not the best at promotion and advertising costs more than I have and I don’t really know the best ways to make ads to begin with. I am more a creator and will stay that way. I hope that some of the folks here also read books, and will want to hear more about mine.

I want to get more work done on book 2 of my novel series. I want to get this comic book done and get some paintings finished but I also don’t want it to be for nothing. I will have to figure some way to sell stuff. I could try patreon and post more often, but I feel sometimes that social media is a waste of time with little return. I do like to scroll through and soak in the creations of others though.

Maybe someone will happen to be interested in sci-fi books and want to hear about someone with bipolar disorder deal with something amazing, because that is what my novel is about. I put a lot of time and effort into it and I hope it was not just a waste of time. I like to write. I like to draw and paint but socializing and promotion are not my strong suits. Hopefully I will be able to figure something out. Burnout is a real thing and tough to deal with. I want to get so much done, but just feel overwhelmed by the huge daunting projects before me. Trust me, I still want to get back to the comic strips. I just need time to work out the other things I’m creating.

Author: Timtreecreations


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