The Prime Meroidial Collective— My new novel

I finally finished something big. My first novel. It’s about a bipolar man who gets inducted into a secret society that serves the universe. There’s fantasy and sci-fi elements and some adventure. It will have a sequel, which I’ve already started. I’m aiming for a trilogy, though if it does well enough it will continue for a while.

I’m still working on the 3rd comic book in my series and hope to spend time posting comic strips sometime this year, but probably only for a brief period of several months. It all depends on how much free time I have. Comic strips are a daily grind and take a lot of effort and can lead to burnout which is why you haven’t seen any in a while.

I hope my novel will be interesting enough to check out. There’s a digital ebook and a physical version available only on Amazon for now. I did this all on my own with little help. It was a big challenge and is the first time I was able to stick to one novel idea long enough to bring to completion.