Who Do You Call

This is the last comic strip I will make for a while. It’s been fun but I’m more interested in making fine art paintings and drawings.

I’ve been working two weeks ahead when making the comic strips. I usually don’t pay attention to holidays or special days or current events. It was mostly by chance that this comic came to resonate with Juneteenth. A new holiday and on topic.

I usually start a new work with no idea how the finished piece will look. I started out with this just drawing a crowd of people. The next thing I knew I was drawing someone on the ground and it started to have meaning.

Take what you will from that but it means a lot to me that the final comic strip I make for a while with this series could resonate deeply in some way. It was just serendipitous to connect the dots in this way.

I will be posting YouTube videos here showing my working process.