Penciling a Page for a Comic Book

Today I did some work on my 3rd comic book in the series called ‘Rejected Breakfast’. It took me several hours to get this one page penciled to the point that I can ink over. I made the panels yesterday and got right into the penciling stage today.

It takes longer than I want it to, and time seems to fly by, so it’s fun, but it’s also a chore sometimes because I feel like I am not getting much done. I wish I were able to get more done in one day. I am currently trying to wake up earlier to fit more drawing time in.

I started this with no idea what it would turn into. This comic series is done in a stream of consciousness approach. Above you see the basic sketch that I started with. I sometimes do several pages like the one above before turning to the finished pencils. I leave some room to improve so I can fuss over it later.

The initial rough sketch is not accurate in perspective so I brought out my ruler and tried to do as good a job as I can. I worked on getting the two point perspective right so that it looks more realistic and so the finished inking will be accurate as well. There’s always room for changes and improvements when I get to the inking stage.

Two point perspective is complicated to explain, but to sum it up, you use two vanishing points that are positioned on a horizon line, and all the straight lines should end at those points. There’s so much out there that explains what it is, so I would just say that that is what I loosely followed when I got to the perspective. I’m not too good when it comes to perspective drawing, I usually prefer abstract art and perspective drawing is really involved to work on. Each panel should have its own vanishing points, horizon line, and its own perspective.

Below is as far as I took it today. It feels like it will take forever to get it all done if all I can do in one day is a penciled drawing. I may work on it some more later tonight, but I think I may want to do some other things. In total, I probably spent 3 hours on this. I will most likely add more to this in pencils, but again, it doesn’t need to be perfect before inking and even that can be edited later when I scan it in, so there’s room for error. It’s sloppy and messy, but I can work with this.

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