A Bit About My First Completed Novel

Writing a book has always seemed some far off dream, something I could never accomplish. I had several starts and stops through the years, but was never able to focus long enough to get to an ending. I put things aside and all but gave up on the idea, thinking it was not for me.

But the urge to write overwhelmed me at times. I’d get the start to a novel in my mind, an idea would fester and not stop until it burst into a working word file. So I wrote. I had the idea and the attention span to get it done. For whatever reason, my moods allowed for it and I was able to stick to it. To the end.

I spent well over a year working on this novel and had many stops and starts. I went through plenty editing drafts, and eventually came to a point of conclusion— I was done. I took it to the zenith of my ability and though I had no editors and very little input, I felt I should finally post it and call it done, and move on to the next project. I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing, but this book is as done as I can get it.

Writing has become a real passion for me. I started several more novels as I progressed through my preoccupation. Sometimes I think I have too many interests and at times I get into a bind, not knowing what to work on next. I put off the comic strips due to burnout, and worked on things behind the scenes for a while. Posting seemed to take up too much of my time. Time that could be spent creating. And finishing things.

I hope to get back to posting the comic strips sometime this year for sure, but I have so many other projects to work on. Sometimes I think I am too creative for my own good.

I should get book 3 of my comic book series done soon (within a couple months if lucky). I will continue to post about it. I am thinking of calling the series done at the end of the current in-process book. Trilogies seem a good solid length.

But I finished a project. A big project that took me years to be able to do. It is a major accomplishment for me and something I can cross off the bucket list. And now that I know I can do it, I am eager to get more done.

The creative process takes time and can lead to tangents that seem unconnected, which is why I can’t seem to come up with a real predictable timeline or schedule. I never know what the next thing to work on will be. I may wake up one day and have no interest in the thing I’ve been working on, which will lead to needing to work on something else that also takes a long time to complete. It’s a never-ending cycle and one that I wish I had more control over.

All that said, I hope you will like my books, even if you are only here to see the comic strips. As a person with bipolar disorder, I have to be gentle with myself sometimes, and take time to heal or refocus. This novel was a big part of that, as the main character also has bipolar disorder. It was tough at times to tap into some of the themes in the book, but I persisted and wrote and wrote and wrote. I hope it has value for more than just me.

Please check out my book on Amazon and see if it interests you, or if maybe someone you know would benefit from my book.

Author: Timtreecreations


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